The Academy

Everything that you learn from our range of Business Booster programmes takes time to apply to your business or role and so we have developed our monthly Academy’s to help with this.

Every month there is a Boost of ideas and inspiration and of course techniques and ‘tweaks’ that you can apply to your business. These are available ‘live’ online as well as stored and downloadable whenever your busy schedule suits you AND there are real ‘live’ events I a different physical location so that you can meet and share and network with other ‘Boosterites’ and business leaders.

Each month there is a specific ‘topic’ and specific direct advice to help you implement. Remember, very often business ideas are known but not implemented…the power of this Business Booster academy is the personal and committed attention that you get from Ben to help you implement these ideas and see the benefit.

Awesome and constant ‘Boost’ through ideas, coaching, support and real people networks…all in all it adds up to a tangible and satisfying growth for your business!

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